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Software Solutions to Ease Your Day to Day


Business Pain Points


All our SAAS products are customizable to give perfect solution to your problems.

Complete solutions for Educational Institutions and SME’s to ease all day to day operations

Enhance field force management with on-demand pick-up and tracking system

Smart Tracking for fleet management, to enhance the sales and service

Increasing sales for retail industry with customer retention and engagement apps.

Tracking Energy consumption with live monitoring and maintenance

Chat bots to make customer “SMART BUYER” and seller “SMART SELLER” … NEW


Preparing Your Business For The Artificial Intelligence Revolution


Today when asked about artificial intelligence (AI), many people start painting science fiction inspired images of machine-ruled futures and robots completing manual tasks for human beings.
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Interesting Facts about Retail & Restaurant Online Ordering System / Preferring Smart Options


Online shopping has a ton of momentum this year and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon. As for Last year as a whole…
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Current Trends and Emerging Of Retail Online Ordering System – AVA ROOS


India has emerged as one of the most dynamic retail industries in the world. Accounting for over 10 percent of the country’s…
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