About Us

About Avancer


Avancer Software Solutions is a young and growing Cloud based SAAS Application and Product Development Company. Our goal is to create technology-driven solutions that precipitate in organizational transformation and business success for our clients.


We create, enhance and we assist organizations to develop new applications, integrate them with current systems and maintain/ upgrade applications at minimal costs. We architect, design and deliver the right technology solutions to support your business functions, bearing in mind the latest technology trends and the right governance model, still keeping the end product simple to implement and integrate.


Avancer Software Solutions clients belong to a variety of domains and countries. We offer our international clients the offshore advantage for all their IT needs. We are committed to ‘making IT simple’ and creating value for all those who partner with us.

To deliver value to our customers, we adopt a unique approach. We

Teams at Avancer are completely aligned to our your product vision which translates into a high degree of ownership. We set up teams only after we sign up with you. We hire people who are excited about your product idea.

To facilitate high visibility we use a common development infrastructure which includes setting up a common source code repository, bug tracking system and VPN access to the customer’s network.

Only a team of ace developers can transform your brilliant idea into an equally good product. We restrict hiring graduates from the top 15 engineering schools in India to work on your product idea.

We invest in continuous learning and evaluating new tools and technologies. We recommend the right set of tools and technologies to keep your product ahead of the competition.

Progressive development makes room for rapidly changing requirements. Improving and refining the product becomes easier. With a thoroughly agile process, we mitigate risks, evolve rapidly and deliver the best product.