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How Avancer brought IoT Transformation for an Infrastructure MNC’s Construction site to Achieve per day per hour target

The Challenge

Managing and controlling a remote site with 100’s of Transit Mixers and Batching plant to reach a per day target of 10000 cubic meter concrete dispatch to a 5 KM long Check Dam construction @ one of India’s Major river which will overflow the next Monsoon at both banks of the river is a huge task. So the question arises how to make sure the target is met every hour and day.

Solutions Provided by Avancer

Our team made a visit to this river bank and accessed the entities which all are the major parameter to achieve per day target. we found that…

  1. Transit Mixer (TM)
  2. Batching Plant (BP)

As the key contributors in this, the Driver and the TM has to be efficient enough to make the target achieve per hour. Each TM at a time carry at-least 6 Cubic meter concrete. Thus we need to find how many trips a vehicle can travel in an hour ?.

So that we can easily find the inefficient Driver or TM

As the distance between the BP and the river pit where the construction of check dam is happening is less than 1.5 km. The total time taken per TM per trip will be… 15 mnt (we sat in a TM to find the actual time taken)

So how to track the TM does a minimum no. of 4 trips …

We attached the GPS tracking system to each TM and IOT device connected with BP to get vehicle wise concrete dispatch which will send data to our cloud SAAS analytics application.


We are able to give data to there fingertips, which helps to identify per day area of lags (especially the laziest/irresponsible Driver and bad condition TM). This helps them to calculate and plan accordingly to achieve the target before the next monsoon hit.

Surprise is we got three new orders to Digitally Transform there others sites… will update you once those gone live …. 🙂

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