Energy Monitoring & Maintenance System

What and Why ava EMMS?


It has become a necessity for the industries to monitor the energy and control it.

ava EMMS is a solution that puts the customer in control of their energy consumption through continuous monitoring of the same.

ava EMMS is capable of collecting data through monitoring devices and attending to the same when it needs to be and tracking the solution to closure.

ROI of ava EMMS


Live tracking of the devices/assets. Live tracking of the Service men. Automatic alerts to service men when the devices go out of normal range. Prioritized alerts based on the AMC status. Geo-Fencing customer location.
Performance graphs of different parameters over a period of time to track the battery/bank performance. Organized ticket reports by status.

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Features Of ava EMMS

Smartphone Compatible

Can be used as a single system for end to end supply chain, fiance, document approval, HR & MES system

Quick Installations

Everything installed within 30 minutes, no complex installations needed

Ethernet & Wifi Connections Available

Access devices anywhere within the network through WiFi

Compact Design

Occupies less space and reduced size: easy to add anywhere you like

End to End System

No prior experince needed to configure and hardware maintenance

Dashboard Presets

More than 80 pre-configured presets.