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Features and Functions of GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

Here are some essentials GPS based Vehicle Tracking System features to consider which will help you to pick the right product that fits your needs and budget.

1. Real-Time Tracking

Most GPS Tracking devices are enabled with real-time monitoring. Location of the vehicles is tracked on the map as it moves from point to point. The GPS location of your vehicle is displayed on a map along with vehicle speed if the vehicle is moving. The current state of the vehicle like moving, parked since or idle is shown using map markers. Multiple vehicles can be grouped and managed simultaneously using simple to use interface.

2. Trip History

You can track all the trips made by the vehicle graphically on the map. Information such as kilometres travelled, stoppages, idling, engine time and average speed is displayed. Over speeding and overdrive stretches are highlighted on the map. Some systems also come with an option to replay the entire trip. This feature brings in value for both business owners and chauffeur driven car owners.

3. Alerts

Using vehicle tracking system features like over speeding alert, start of day alert, route deviation alert and excessive stoppage alert, one can analyze driver behavior and optimize fuel usage and optimizing workforce. Depending on your need there are several alerts that can be configured: Idling Alert, Stoppage Alert, Tampering Alert, Over-speeding Alert etc. For consumers looking for vehicle tracking system for personal use features like maintenance alerts and fuel pilferage alerts prove to be useful.

4. Anytime Anywhere Access

In today’s connected world where any and every information is available at your fingertips, it is imperative invest in a vehicle tracking system that is accessible on web and smart phone. This is especially useful when the car tracking device is used by discerning parents to track school bus or chauffeur driven cars carrying children. The easy anytime, anywhere access with user-friendly app keeps you abreast with your vehicle movement in real time no matter where you are.

5. Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing takes alert customization to the next level. You can create geographical boundaries called Geofences on the map around a landmark. An alert is sent out every time the vehicle enters or exits the Geofence. This opens up immense possibilities in different ways of using the monitoring information that can translate into increased operational efficiency, workforce optimization and elevated security and safety levels for the user.

6. Historical Reports and Dashboard Summary

For most businesses where medium to large fleet s involved, access to location and event reports provides high ROI. Fleet managers can track and analyze information on their vehicles up to 90 days in the past and make informed decisions that could positively impact their business. GPS Tracking Solutions that come with enterprise dashboard has a comprehensive set of graphical reports. This gives you an overall view of the metrics that matter for your business performance. There are reports for total distance travelled, idling time, over speeding, stoppages and utilization. You can see the metrics for different groups of vehicles and for different time periods.

7. Easy to Use, User-Friendly Interface

A simple and intuitive user interface provides powerful features like group-wise access without the need for multiple accounts, bird’s eye view of entire fleet and the ability to report historical and real-time data. A simple yet well-developed intuitive user interface allows easy access to the right information to make informed decisions.

8. Access Control and User Management.

For business owners, user management and access control is an important vehicle tracking system feature. You should be able to add and modify the user profile, and also manage their access privileges via roles. You should be able to assign one or more predefined roles to a user and perform grouping wherein a set of users are placed in a group. With this, you can perform vehicle tracking for a group of vehicles and also view the report information for a group as a whole.

9. Analytic

Some GPS Tracking Devices have innovative enterprise solution designed to harness the power of location-based services and integrating it with cloud computing to make actionable fleet data available at the operator’s fingertips to ensure predictive performance of the fleet.

10. Easy Installation

When looking for a GPS based vehicle tracking device that fits your need, ease of installation and maintenance is an important consideration. One should look for a compact device that can be installed discreetly (under the dashboard). Devices that support OBD connectors are a better choice for a ‘plug and play’ solution. Compatibility with different models of the car is also a factor to consider when making an informed choice.


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