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Using a built in time tracker with GPS can be simple to use and help employees stay safe and efficient where ever work takes them. Office employees connect with mobile employees through a GPS Management Application, giving them greater visibility and management of activities occurring in the field. Employee tracking turns off when the employee clocks out.

Depending on whether you have a small, mid-size or large fleet to manage or if you are looking for a car tracking device for personal use, there is a wide range of devices and systems to choose from. From basic vehicle tracking system to top specification systems that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, there are multiple options available in the market today. How do you know which product best suits to your needs?

Here are some essentials GPS based Vehicle Tracking Systems features to consider which will help you to pick the right product that fits your needs and budget.

Live Monitoring:

Monitor real-time movement on map for location-based task assignment.

live tracking

Location History

Paperless location linked online order management.

location history 1

Current Location

Upload geo-tagged images as proof of merchandising and servicing.

current location

Overspeed Report

Automatically captures entry time along with duration of meeting.

overspeed report

Nearest Location

Settle conveyance bills with ease by tracking distance travelled.

Nearest location

Vehicle Status Report

Tracking application Custom-built around your business.

Vehicle status report

The GPS vehicle tracking devices, whether used for a single car or fleet tracking, can help improve your business’s efficiency and save money. Allowing you to monitor employee response time and driving performance makes it easier to make changes that improve your overall productivity. If you provide your employees with vehicles to perform their jobs, you probably know about the money lost to automobile upkeep and fuel. With the vehicle GPS tracker, you can not only see where your employees are at any given time, you can monitor response times to calls, check idling time, and even see traffic conditions, allowing you to plan routes and avoid costly delays.


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