GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions


Our solutions are designed to help you manage and improve as much as possible your fleet‘s everyday activities. From initial on boarding to eventually understanding the full possibility of our software, we will always be there to help you give power to your fleet.

School Bus Tracking

Highly automated and customized School bus tracking system for Student’s with various reports.

Fuel Level Tracking

Our Fuel Level Tracking system is to Focus on reducing fuel wastage and catch en route fuel theft attempts

In-Vehicle Camera

avaGPSVTS offer easy to set up real time camera tracking solution, it takes only 10 minutes to set up the solution.

Enterprise Tracking

Our unique reports in Temperature monitoring, Fuel alerts, Engine performance and Etc.

Temperature Tracking

avaGPSVTS provides real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time

Bio-Metric Access

avaGPSVTS offers Biometric technology is an automated technology designed for security of vehicles.

Personal Tracking

Get all information for your personal vehicle, Child Location , Vehicle Location, Anti theft Alarm and  Etc.

RFID Tracking

avaGPSVTS offer individual or combined RFID and GPS systems to ensure seamless end-to-end tracking and more.

Mobile Tracking

Get both Android, IOS GPS tracking Mobile Apps to get instant access report in an easy manner with avaGPSVTS.

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