Interesting Facts about Retail & Restaurant Online Ordering System / Preferring Smart Options

Online shopping has a ton of momentum this year and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon. As for Last year as a whole, there have been some astonishing facts and themes that indicate how consumers are evolving and how Food industry and Retailer will need to adjust their strategies moving forward by changing the approach to Digital Transformation where we have analysed and given some interesting facts below to use AVA ROOS.

Interesting Mind-Blowing Facts about Retail Online Ordering System AVA ROOS:

1. Two out of five customers are fine interacting with chatbots.

Move over live-chat. Nearly half of customers are comfortable using chatbots, according to recent research by a powered customer engagement and experience solutions provider. There’s plenty of room for retailers to invest in chatbots, all which will lead to getting information and completing a transaction easier and faster. Keep a lookout for AVA ROOS leveraging Facebook Messenger bots to interact with customers, or at the least, update them on their order statuses.

2. Fifty-five percent of consumers would rather interact with technology in store than a sales associate which is why we are creating a Waiter app which can solve the problem of waiting in Long queue for a customer where the waiter will be standing next to the customer with a Tablet or Smartphone to take an order.

According to the Research in finding ROOS we understood that buyers would appreciate a little more automation and that companies could redirect sales associates to other tasks. This reinforces consideration for tech solutions such as WAITER App for Restaurant by AVA ROOS to enhance the in-store experience or should reinforce the need to have enough content available for all products offered including placing the order with the Waiter.

3. We saw that desktop visits converted at 2.4 times the rate of smartphone visits, indicating that consumers still relied on their smartphones to research and then opt for the desktop to transact. According to ADI (Adobe Digital Insights), it was a $4.5 billion opportunity cost.

4. Fast forward to today and, so far, online retailers have seen 4% more visits than last year. Where Use of mobile coupons, in-store geolocation and push notifications are only at 57%, 22% and 34%, respectively.

5. Restaurants and Retailers can give consumers a more personalized experience, by giving on table Tablet with Games for kids and preparation of MENU in our Table booking app, but they have to be willing to invest in the technologies necessary to provide options.

6. Only 60% of retailers engage with customers through a loyalty app.

With our Existing Clients with their online booking app consumers are feeling recognized and rewarded for their purchasing efforts. Retailers who aren’t continuously encouraging and cultivating the relationship with their customers likely will suffer retention issues which are getting resolved by Gift vouchers, Gifting services, Reward points for referring new Client, Bonus points for doing first purchase and also Birthday offers with which at least the app users can be increased to 80% in upcoming years within 2020.

7. Seventy percent of customers would accept in-store tracking and mobile push notifications with incentives.

This is valuable data Buyers will allow retailers to alert and keep tabs, on them, but retailers need to learn about their customers to know what incentives are appropriate — dangle the carrot and continue to experiment.

8. Free delivery or minimum delivery charge is the incentive online shoppers want most (88%).

Though free Delivery or Minimum delivery is what customers want most, it’s not really about saving money. It’s about the perception of saving money, feeling like you snagged a deal. For which we give a solution to the client as giving delivery within certain kilometre radius where both Client and customer gets the benefit and also arrange for pickup service where it can save time for the client.


Preferring Smart Options like Mobile, Tablet for Online Ordering:

1) More than 67% people love to purchase through their mobile rather than a laptop, & other systems: Everyone knows how to operate a Smartphone & use many apps. So, it is very obvious people prefer to phone to purchase the products through mobile.

2) In the beginning of 2016, purchases made with smartphones accounted for 60% of all mobile sales: But now in 2018 the Smartphone Sales have boosted to 78% the smartphone make people crazy & hence, it the reason people prefer to use smartphone rather than any other.

3) The largest number of online purchases in the world is from Asia & some part of South Korea. The number of visits to retail sites and table reservation from smartphones has more than doubled since Last year.

Stickiness by Device by Category (2020)

4) Table reservation system is the fastgrowing sector in online ordering system : It is possible because people are more curious about eating food at their favourite restaurant with their beloved ones instead of getting disappointed when they end up reaching the hotel and see the restaurant doesn’t have a place due to increased people eating food in restaurants and take away and people would be prepared to install an app for booking a table especially using smartphones as its easy and quick to Reserve.

5) 33% of all mobile transaction worldwide completed in the U.S. and 40% of worldwide internet users have bought products or goods online via desktop, mobile, tablet or other online devices.

6) eBay-owned PayPal is one of the current market leaders with more than 14 billion US dollars in mobile payment volume alone.

7) 69% of tablet owners make a monthly purchase online.

More shoppers are than ever are checking a store website before heading out to the physical location.

Online is a major source of inspiration for gift shoppers and more shoppers are than ever are checking a store website before heading out to the physical location. Which is where AVA ROOS comes with a solution to Digital Transformation of your Restaurant or Retail Store into market reach and maximize your business.


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