Features Of avaRMS

Welcome to a rising online retail community that believes in the power of mobile apps. With avaRMS features, you can create a powerful and professional mobile app for restaurants and retail store to increase sale.

Menu Management


Give access to your menu. Describe your every dish with the review. Lure your clients with Food photography.


Attractive food photos categorized neatly will help customers choose their orders easily. Food categories must always be displayed in the best possible way.


Push Notifications


With online integration, send new menu items, specials, or events to clients to keep them engaged.


Restaurants come up with new menus at intervals. How will the consumer be having this information? The best way is to send them a message using Push Notification feature.

Offers & Discounts


Greet your regular customer and offer special discount instantly to enhance repeat orders.


Your restaurant mobile app will offer to your customers, a range of special offers/ deals/ seasonal discounts/ happy hours and so much more.


Order History


Order history along with tracking makes your business appear trustworthy and reliable.


Keep a track of which orders have been picked up or delivered. Get the instant status of checkout option and order amount status across the app to make navigation hassle free.

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Loyalty Program


Ensuring repeat orders & retention. Greet your regular customer and offer special discount instantly to enhance repeat orders.


Customers can review the loyalty points and they can redeem for offers. The Loyalty Program can be customized and store owner can turn this off or on as per the requirements.


Refer and Earn


Let your customers be your brand ambassadors and reward them with fabulous offers and deals.


Customers can earn points, vouchers or food deals by referring app to their friends & relatives. They can redeem these offers at the time of their next orders.

Multi Locations


Now run all your outlets with a single app with easy to use Inventory and Staff management options.


With multi location feature, you can save their time by updating inventory at one section and it will be updated everywhere automatically.


Admin Mobile App


Manage your staff, orders, Customers and Inventory on the go with the use of our Intuitive Store App.


You can easily view & manage recently placed orders, their status, delivery process etc. through provided admin mobile app feature.