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Tool for Benefiting the Procurement Activity Tracking for an Infrastructure MNC



Client Procurement team had challenges for tracking their procurement throughout the process. Once the procurement request was placed, they had no clue of what was happening to the order.

The performance of buyers and tracking of their activities was not possible as there was no data to measure. This way they were not able to work on improving the buyer’s performance.

Proposed and Implemented Solution

We designed a solution that set up projects and their members in Hierarchy. The input to the solution will be extracted from the current ERP to maintain the data integrity and to avoid the hassle of re-entry.

The procurement team was able to extract old activities and also create new activities in the solution. The activities had defined and assigned stakeholders. This enabled the stakeholders to be visible of any updates in the status of the thread from the start to the end. Any stakeholder can update the status of the activity as and when needed from anywhere using the mobile app.

This addressed the challenge of the transparency of the activity progress from the start to closure.

When an activity is created RFQ date is captured. The solution captures the activity completion date. With these dates, the Buyers performance was evaluated based on the time elapsed . The management was able to compare performances of the Buyers using the reports and set new targets for the buyers.

The solution also addressed the evaluation of Buyers performances using the reports and graphs.


The Procurement team has ready to use dashboard on important data without any effort. Data in many forms like Business Unit wise activities, Priority wise activities, Buyer performance data by period (quarterly, monthly etc). This helps them identify and speed up the process and also saves the time they were spending on manual updates to all stakeholders.

Technology Stack


Mobile App: Native Android / iOS

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